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12 Days of Christmas fun (25 to go until Christmas!)

Have you ever heard of "ring and run?" It is a fun activity to do for a neighbor or a friend or anyone whom you want to honor. Traditionally, it is done Dec. 25th through January 5th, however, when we had it done to us, it was done the twelve days up until Christmas Eve. So, starting on the 12th of December (or on the 13th to end on Christmas day), here are some ideas that I swiped from

Thrifty 12 days - Post By sara c ~ montana (Guest Post) (11/13/2004)
We do this idea every year and we are a family of 8 so money is tight but it brings cheer to those we sponsor at christmas. Here are some of our suggestions with prices

Day 1 ~ a partridge in a pear tree/ we gave 1 pear (@.25) & a dove ornament (Walmart .97)
Day 2 ~ 2 turtle doves/ we gave 2 dove candies (@2.00) and 2 turtle candies (@2.00)
Day 3 ~ 3 french hens/ we gave $ store hen beanie & we made a baret & a french flag (@3.00)
Day 4 ~ 4 calling birds/ we gave $ store calling card(1.00)day5~5 golden rings/ we gave a coupon for onion rings at burger king (1.00)
Day 6 ~ 6 geese a layin/ we gave 6 golden candy eggs or 6 easter eggs filled with treats ( @3.00)Day 7 ~ 7 swans a swimming/ we gave bubble bath and a rubber duckie with a note attached and explained "our swan was in his ugly ducking stage"(@2.00)
Day 8 ~ 8 maids a milking/ we gave 8 milk maid caramels (@.50)
Day 9 ~ 9 ladies waiting/ we gave a coupon from a maid service(@10.00 for an hour) (we have also had 9 friends of the receipient call and point out hints to hidden gift in their home or on their property all sworn to secret usually a christmas cookie basket)
Day 10 ~10 lords a leaping/ we had soup in a jar aka hoppin john soup(@2.00)
Day 11~ 11 pipers piping we did 1 cd of symphony music downloaded/ (@3.00)
Day 12~ 12 drummers drumming/ we did an ornanment of a drum
About a day later we sent a christmas card with a picture of all the special treats and our family ... this is the best gift of all because most people are so amazed by their secret 12 day of christmas fun they can't believe who did it ...

12 Days of Christmas Ideas Post by annecolorgreen (11/19/2004)
I got these ideas from various places. We do this every year and LOVE it! Here are a few ideas.
1st Day - a basket of pears with a partridge (or similar looking bird)
2nd Day - turtle candies
3rd Day - Cornish hens
4th Day - prepaid phone card
5th Day - donuts
6th Day - eggs and an omelet (or other egg) recipe
7th Day - we did swan soaps one year
8th Day - ice cream, any milk product, or something with "cow-print"
9th Day - ladyfinger cookies
10th Day - something with frogs
11th Day - maybe a CD, or some bubble pipes
12th Day - could also do a CD or I think we've done chicken - drumsticks - or aren't there ice cream treats called drumsticks?

and one more: Posted by Dawn (11/22/04
1. One box of chocolates.
2. Two bottles of bubble bath
3. Three dozen cookies
4. Four bags of snacks
5. Five types of fudge (homemade of course)
6. Six pack of her favorite soda pop
7. Activity pads for the kids
8. Eight little note pads
9. Nine pens, pencils, markers/highlighters
10. Ten bags of tea (relax and refresh type)
11. Eleven baking mixes (jiffy, or sililar)
12. Twelve Christmas ornaments

Remember the whole "Random Acts of Kindness" craze that was so popular for a while? Well, I think it would be great to have those random acts become a part of our every day lives. Here are a few ideas to start making that a reality.

So, go Bless someone!

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