Monday, December 3, 2007

A special gift - Volunterring

I am on my way out today. I am going to the mall. Now, that might now sound like anything out of the ordinary for most of us, but 1) I don't hardly ever go to the mall and 2) I am going there to help.

I was presented with 7 different ways to volunteer in the last few days. Our children's choir performed a wonderful musical entitled, "The Church Has Left The empty church can be a good thing." After their performance, there were opportunities to get involved in ministries already in action (As it was said, "Why recreate the wheel?). I signed up for helping wrap presents for a family ministry in town (the reason for my mall excursion), delivering food to shut-ins, helping out at a boy's ranch thrift store, driving Special Needs adults home after Sunday services and painting a house in a neighborhood improvement project.

I plan, Lord willing, on doing some of these things long past the holiday season. Christmas is a good time to be helpful, but people also need help all year long!

This blog is NOT intended to make anyone feel guilty because of what they are not able to do. I am in a position in which I have never been in before and that is that I do not have a job at this time and I have some time to help others (AND my husband is fully supporting my efforts!). My reason for posting this was to encourage you to look for ways, even just a small something, that will help out someone else. You will probably end up being even more blessed than the receiver!

(22 days to go!)

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